About Us

“To continually enhance an engaging learning environment that promotes academic success and social and emotional wellbeing where all students are supported to reach their full potential to enable them to function effectively in a global community”

Wodonga South Primary School prides itself on emphasising a child-centred approach to teaching and learning. Co-operative classrooms optimise the possibilities for learning through the teacher, the children and the parents and the many resources available in a complex community.

The school is committed to principles of social justice through the provision of opportunities for all children regardless of ability, gender, race, creed or social status, including those with disabilities and impairments, and non-English speaking backgrounds. Implicit in this commitment is a caring environment supportive of those children and families deemed to have social, emotional or behavioural problems.

Attention is given to the individual needs and development of each child in an effort to encourage the achievement of excellence in their field of interest.

Strategic Plan 2012