21st Century Learning

Our fantastic new learning spaces are designed to enable the type of learning to occur that will prepare your children for their future. The learning spaces are flexible in that they have the ability to accommodate individual study, small group work, team teaching, large group presentations and focused teaching groups. The flexibility of the layout helps ensure that teachers can cater to the needs of each student in their care. The types of skills that students need to acquire and the way in which they acquire them has changed vastly as society has changed in particular due to advancements in modern technology.

In order to adequately prepare our students for living in the 21st Century we will ensure:-

1. A variety of approaches are used to ensure that students are engaged in their learning

2. Learning follows an inquiry approach to respond to big issues, ideas and questions.

3. Knowledge should be acquired and applied in an authentic way

4. Creative thinking is encouraged and stimulated to allow students to problem solve

5. Opportunities for students to collaborate will be provided

6. The skills that are developed are transferable to be used in a variety of situations and areas of employment

7. Technology will be used as a tool of learning to engage, communicate, gather information and to create

8. Students reflect on their learning and use this reflection to set goals for learning

9. Interpersonal skills for working with and communicating effectively with others are developed

10. Critical thinking skills are developed to enable students to analyze information, hypothesis and draw conclusions.