1-1 Device Portal

Welcome to the 1-1 Device portal for Wodonga South Primary School.

The past two years have shown just how crucial devices in education are – especially during remote learning. Students have been able to connect with their teachers and peers in ways previously unseen in education, collaborating and producing work in brand new digital classroom environments.

These new digital learning spaces have radically changed the way educators and students work together, providing a seamless solution to being both on and offsite. Students who have used their own devices though the school’s optional 1-1 program have had a near flawless transition to this new environment.

There are some changes to the Device Program this year.

Global part shortages have caused chaos with supply lines for all digital devices across all industries. Some devices have 100+ day delays, others provide no ETA at all. The school has considered these options and has thoroughly investigated what we believe to be best for students. 

Unlike previous years the school can no longer provide devices directly to families from the manufacturer. This is due to the school’s compliance of the DET (Department of Education and Training) Parent Payment Policy. The policy states that the school must now use external companies to handle purchasing and distribution of devices. With the above in consideration, Wodonga South Primary School has selected JB HiFi for Education and Learning with Technologies as the chosen suppliers of devices for the 2022 Device Program.

Wodonga South Primary School is not allowed to include warranties or accessories with devices – instead we can provide options to parents / guardians and make recommendations. Below each device for the 2022 program is a recommendation of what warranty and accessories the school believes to be appropriate.

The Device Program is only for Year 5/6 Students.

2022 Devices


Apple iPad 10.2

64GB Space Grey – purchase via JB HiFi for Education

The Apple iPad is a small, versatile and easy to use touch based device.

The iPad runs all the software that students use at the school, like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Minecraft for Education Edition and much more.

The school strongly recommends “AppleCare +” as it provides repair or replacement coverage, both parts and labour, from Apple-authorised technicians. AppleCare+ must be purchased within 60 days of the original purchase date of the iPad.

JB HiFi for Education offers protective cases through the portal, though parents / guardians can purchase their own elsewhere if desired.

The school strongly recommends any protective case that includes a keyboard. A physical keyboard allows students to work on their documents faster than using the on-screen keyboard.

When purchasing an iPad from JB HiFi, it will be shipped directly to you.
At time of purchase, the iPad is assigned a software license which allows the iPad to join the Wodonga South Primary School network. This allows the school to restrict inappropriate content, install new apps and configure settings that are conducive to your child’s learning in the classroom.

When you receive the iPad and connect it to your WiFi, you will need to follow the instructions on THIS PAGE.

School Code (for parents): WODONGASOUTHBYOD2022


Lenovo 500w     |     Lenovo ThinkPad L13

Two Microsoft Windows based devices are available this year:-

The Lenovo 500w is a touch based device that can fold into a tablet. It is a great size for students and will be a capable device for an expected 5 years of service.

The school strongly recommends Lenovo 3 Year Accidental Damage Protection – $100 excess” for the Lenovo 500w.

The Lenovo ThinkPad L13 has more processing power and a larger screen. The L13 does not have a touch screen. A perfect device for more intensive tasks. 

The school strongly recommends Lenovo 3 Year Accidental Damage Protection – $0 excess” for the Lenovo Thinkpad L13.

LWT offers protective cases through the portal, though parents / guardians can purchase their own elsewhere if desired.

When purchasing a device from LWT, it will be shipped directly to you.
To use the device on premises at Wodonga South Primary School, the device will need to be enrolled onto our system, with the DET eduSTAR Windows image applied. Any information on the device will be lost.

Devices will not be supported on premises unless the eduSTAR image is installed by our technicians. The process will take 3 hours.

It is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to ensure all information is backed up before this process.